Our Services: a few examples of projects we do:


Our Services: Example Nr. 1

Check and Improve Process Performance:

Processes tend to grow in complexity over the time. In some cases this growth becomes troublesome. The flow disappears from the process and the work queues up. Here we start with visualization of the process. What is actually happening. Bringing that simple insight is a low entry, low cost non disruptive starting point for process optimization. You now know if the issue is in your process or not, and where to start the optimization.

Our Services: Example Nr. 2

Process Compliance Checking:

When you are responsible for compliance you want real insight. Insight in a overall process or in a specific process step. With a compliance assessment we identify and investigate unauthorized behavior. We check for security bypasses, segregation of duties, etc. We can do this within the overall process or on a case by case basis. This service is non disruptive (we do it by analyzing logfiles) and fast. It is an important contribution to your compliance reporting.

Our Services: Example Nr. 3

Make a start with BI and Big Data:

Business Intelligence and Big Data are “Hip and Happening”. CIO’s want to align with the business. They want you to turn Data into Information. But where to begin. You see more and larger sets of data become available every day. You -and your business- want to understand what is actually going on. You want to know what insight can be derived from all this data. First the data needs to tell you what’s cooking. Then you want to enhance this insight with ability to spot trends and make predictions. But where to start? Build a data lake? Learn Hadoop and R? But you don’t want to keep the business waiting in the meantime. The good news is that we can help you here. With Process Mining we give you a fast, low-entry and low-cost entry point in the world of Big Data. Amaze your CEO with the insight you provide. Be efficient and use process mining as a starting point of a long but exciting journey.

Our Services: Example Nr. 4

Leaner Lean :

You are happy you with your skilled and efficient Lean Consultants and Sig Sigma blackbelts. But if there is a way to increase the speed and effectiveness of your Lean projects you will do that. With process mining we help you and your lean project to do so. We help to pinpoint the problems. We help to guide the activities. We help to analyse the business case by monitoring the real effect the project has on process performance. Together we create a win-win situation. Lean projects benefit from clear goals, and a validated business case. For this reason we partner with Lean consultants who use our Process Mining skills to steer the efforts of the lean professionals and measure the effect of the improvements.

What does a typical Process Mining project look like?

In general our Process Analysis services go through a number of steps. There is no strict protocol that has to be followed, but it is always wise to detemine the scope of the project and agree on the goals we want to achieve.

In fact there are 5 highlights in the life of a Process Miner:

-1- Determine the scope:

First step is to determine what exactly we are going to do. We decide what questions we want to answer. We decide which processes we are going to zoom into, etcetera. In short, we manage the scope and set the expectations. Tip from experience: Mine the processes step by step. Do not over eat and keep it manageable.

-2- Gather the Data: 

In step two we start with the first digging. We collect the logfiles from the business applications. Most end-to-end processes are supported by more than one application. Complex end-to-end processes however are seldom a starting point.  In general you start simple and keep it manageable. Sometimes data needs to be scrubbed or reformatted. In some cases logfiles need to be glued together, data needs to be washed, fields combined. Techy stuff that may need some skills and experience.

-3- Perform the analysis: 

This is where the actual mining takes place. Here we determine which of the tooling best fits the job. We run the algorithms and collect the first findings. Then we start digging. We set filters to filter out irrelevant data. We create different viewpoints on the data. We discuss findings and interpretations with the process owner. When this is all done we create a report and a presentation in which we do not only present the facts, but also present a number of recommendations.

-4- Present the results:  

This is another exciting part: Present the findings to the stakeholders. We agree on the final report, the presentation and discuss the recommendations. In the most cases in this discussion the outline of an Action plan appear, and the next step is to work out an action plan.

-5- Finalize and present the Action plan:

The purpose of all the Process Mining we have been doing is not ” L’art pour l’art”. The purpose is optimized operation, and therefore the last step is in fact the most important. In this last step process mining plays a very important role. Here Process Mining enables us to monitor achievements, steer the improvement project and validate the businss case.

-6- Execute..

What more needs to be said?