Welcome Software Company Owner,

What is in it for you?  Why should you, as the owner of a Software Company, who is responsible for Business Developement and Sales bother to look into techy stuff like Process Mining. Read why:

Sell more than just boxes

Customers of today want more than just a piece of coding. They want a working solution and expect you to understand that. With our process mining  capabilities you can now better help them to implement and use your software correctly.

Offer an annual health check

We work with you to run an annual health check for your customers. We scan the logfiles, and check if  your software is used conform the standards. If anomalities occur we notice that, and precautions can be taken.

Show you are "state of the art"

It is always good to be on top of developments. When you partner with us, you have the latest Mining Technology at hand to assist your customer in optimizing their processes. You want first class care for your first class customers.

Increase sales by using evidence

With Process Mining we can help your sales to sell the new modules and products you have developed, simply by visualizing the effect that your new product has on throughput and performance.