Welcome IT manager,

What is in it for you?  Why should an IT manager, who is usually busy enough with the daily operation, bother to add a new topic to his already overloaded agenda. Read why:

First Entry into BI

If you are responsible for IT and you have not started with BI yet, it is time to do so. Pocess Mining is a perfect entry point. You do not have to build a datalake, learn C, master Hadoop. With our help you are up to speed in a matter of days!

Add Real Value

Is your mission, year over year,  to do more with less money? Stop being a cost center, and start adding value to the business. Transform your IT into a business asset, provide the business with real insight into their business processes. We work with you to make that happen within your budget and within a minimal timeframe. Challenge us.

Grow your BI

If you have already started with Business Intelligence, and you are delivering reports and Insight to the business, now is the time to extend your capabilities with Process Mining. With little extra cost you can add great new capabilities.

Drive Cost Saving

After our Process Mining analysis you can pinpoint inefficiencies in the daily operation of the business and give valuable insight in where improvements can be made. Guide the lean teams, advise process owners and monitor the effect of the optimizations.