Welcome Compliance Manager,

What is in it for you?  Why should a Compliance Manager, or someone else who is responsible for Compliance bother to look into techy stuff like Process Mining. Read why:

See the real Process

We show you the real process. No more “Paper Truth”  but real facts, based on the analysis of event logs (by the way, with no event logs, we are as lost as you are). We show you who did what and when, in a mouseclick. Too good to be true? Challenge us.

Find the Bypass

Process Mining enables you to see more ten all process steps. You also see the “required or mandatory” process steps that were bypassed. In some cases there is a good reason for it. In all cases you want to know.

Are Duties Segregated

By combining logdata we can mine for Social Patterns and combine this with all kind of process activities. That gives you insight in how Segregation of Duties is acually implemented in the process.

Effect of your measures

You understand that Process Mining will not be the ultimate solution to all the challenges the compliance officer is facing, but it will be a significant contributor to the controls you have.