Welcome Business Owner,

What is in it for you?  Why should a Business Manager, Process Owners or someone else who is responsible for Business Processes bother to look into techy stuff like Process Mining. Read why:

See the real Process

We show you the real Process. No more “Paper Truth”  but real facts based on analysis of event logs (by the way, with no event logs, we are as lost as you are). We show you who did what and when, in a mouseclick. Too good to be true? Challenge us.

Learn from social mining

Our Process Mining offering enables you to see more than process steps only. You also zoom into work patterns and how people work together. Find out how Location A outperforms Location B. Are people doing what they are supposed to do.

Measure the average throughput

We run with you through a lot of interesting statistics. We show you how long it takes to process an order, or how many steps are needed to process an invoice. If you have ambitions to improve, start with knowing what is going on.

Repair your Business Process

You want to identify Loops, Bottlenecks and Unnecesarry Steps in your Process. We will work with you to identify these and then take action to solve these problems. This is where BI starts making money for your company.