The Process Automaters from FLOW Robotics and the Process Miners from Promineth have joined forces. This is good news for everybody who wants to cut operational costs. It is good news for those who started with Process Mining and now want to turn the insight that Process Mining has brought them into real money. It is good news for those who started with RPA and now want to capitalize the full potential of their RPA experience. And finally it is good news for those who badly need to optimize workflows, processes, logistics, and want to get started.


The combination of FLOW Robotics and Promineth Process Miners brings the knowledge and experience to identify the full potential of an optimization effort, and to realize the potential benefit by optimization and automation of processes and workflows.

Gartner, a business research and consulting company, gives the advice to invest in process mining capabilities to – in their words – “provide visibility and understanding of the actual performance of business operations and processes before starting any automation initiative, whether at a task, workplace or process level”. Task-level automation, such as RPA and the use of IoT capabilities, can deliver great success in a very short term. However, by implementing these initiatives without understanding the processes or operational contexts, these initiatives can lose their relevance.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) sounds spectacular. One gets visions of little tin men that run the factory, sit behind computers and do all the work for us, fast, efficient, flawless, non-stop, day and night. This picture is only partly true: the robots are not little tin men. The rest on the other hand, is quite accurate. Robotics, simply put, is automation software that can mimic human action based on defined rules. The results of RPA bring many benefits to the table, such as: increased productivity (as most of the tedious work is automated), faster throughput, the absence of human error and cross-functional integration.

The robots add the most value in industries where transaction volumes are high.  Experts say that virtualization of the workforce can create more efficient operations and streamline processes, so that employees can spend less time focusing on routine, menial tasks and more time on their higher-level responsibilities. What were once lengthy, time-consuming tasks are now able to become efficient, automated processes that allow organizations to become more agile in their everyday operations.


And now the two forces join. First, we get a good fact-based view on the operation that allows us to spot opportunities for improvement and automation. Then, we spring into action and capitalize on the insights and optimize the processes by automation. RPA and Process Mining: a match made in heaven.